Door modes

Hier gab es doch die Thematik, dass ein “Timer” im Schloss Vorrang hat vor den Einstellungen in der App, oder? Wie war das nochmal? Beschreiben als Anmerkung!?

Day latch mode

When the day latch function is engaged, only the latch secures the door. This spares the electric motor lock while still ensuring controlled access.

Ideally suited to heavily frequented doors such as commercial or apartment buildings.

Permanent open mode

When the permanent open mode is activated, the latch and bolt are permanently retracted. Unrestricted access in both directions is possible. The door can be pushed open without access control.

Ideally suited for shops, surgeries or other buildings frequently visited by the public. In a residential setting this function is convenient if, for example, when the user is working in the garden and keeps going in and out.


When the partymode is activated, only the latch secures the door (same as day latch mode). By touching the SmartTouch handle or a sensor, the latch is retracted and the door can be pushed open (without acces control).

Ideally suited for a party where the door needs to be locked but guests can go in and out undisturbed.

Activate door modes

  1. Tap Options.
  2. A pop-up appears with the different door modes.

    Activate the desired door mode by activating the corresponding toggle switch.
  3. Tap anywhere outside the pop-up to close the pop-up and activate the door mode.

    Note: If you activate the door mode permanent open, you still have to set a time until when the door mode should be active.

Note: The activation of door modes is only possible if the administrator has enabled the use of door modes in the lock settings and has granted you the permission to activate door modes. For further information on how to enable door modes, see chapter Lock settings. For further information on granting permissions, see chapter Add and edit profiles.