Why is the pairing of the SmartTouch application unsuccessful?

Check the order of your pairing process: First, confirm the Pair now button in the SmartConnect app and then place the SmartTouch receiver pairing mode (see chapter Set up and pair an application and the operation manual of the SmartTouch receiver on www.fuhr.de).

Does the data remain in the SmartConnect in the event of a power failure?

Yes, all data is permanently retained. Thanks to an internal energy storage, the clock of the Smart Connect will continue to run for up to 4 weeks after a power failure.

How safe are my applications when operated over the Internet?

All data is SSL-encrypted, comparable to the security level of online banking.

Can unauthorised persons connect to the Wi-Fi of my SmartConnect?

No, no connection is possible without the necessary WLAN password. When assigning the passwords, ensure sufficient security.

If the Wi-Fi password is known, can an unauthorised person operate my applications?

No, without knowledge of the login data (administrator, user) it is not possible for unauthorised persons to operate applications in the app. When assigning the passwords, ensure sufficient security.

Can several applications be created that operate the same device?

No, you can only create one application for one device at a time. As soon as there is a duplication, an error message appears.

What happens after incorrect entry of the password?

If you have entered the password incorrectly, re-entry is only possible after a time delay of 2 seconds. If you make another mistake, the delay increases to 4 seconds, then to 8 seconds, and so on. A complete lockout does not occur.

What settings can a user without administrator rights change?

A user without administrator rights is only allowed to set and change his password. The administrator can unlock his applications and extend his rights (see chapter Authorisations for applications and User administration).

Can a user log in with different devices (smartphone/tablet)?

Yes, you can log in to the SmartConnect with any device on which the SmartConnect app is installed with your username and password.

Can multiple smartphones access the SmartConnect at the same time?

Yes! For example, you can access the SmartConnect with your smartphone and tablet at the same time.

How do I know if the smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network?

Data can only be transferred from the smartphone when connected to the SmartConnect. If this is done via Wi-Fi, it makes sense to check the Wi-Fi connection. If the mobile connection is active, this is no longer visible in the upper status line of the smartphone. To check the Wi-Fi connection status, turn on Airplane mode, and then only Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can check in the Wi-Fi settings whether and with which Wi-Fi the smartphone is connected.

I lost my smartphone, what should I do?

You can log in from any smartphone with an administrator account and make any changes. Assuming you are near the SmartConnect and have the SmartConnect app installed.

Use the administrator account to lock the user who is logged in to the lost smartphone. Afterwards, applications can no longer be accessed by this user. At best, also change the passwords of your home Wi-Fi network or SmartConnect (in access point mode).

How do I ensure the best security of my applications?

The SmartConnect uses the latest encryption methods. In addition, the security of data transmission is ensured by a secure Wi-Fi password. Only assign secure passwords.

SmartConnect door

What can I do if the app reports that the “connection to the server cannot be established”?

Make sure you have a very good WLAN connection to the SmartConnect door. The wireless access point (router/repeater) should not be more than 2 meters away from the SmartConnect to ensure reliable data transmission. To optimize the connection quality, you can also use the options described in chapter Set up the SmartConnect.

SmartConnect easy

Is it possible to open my door after a factory reset of the SmartConnect easy by unauthorised persons?

Yes, individual applications (those without status message to the SmartConnect easy) can also be taught in again without a master key. Please make sure to install your SmartConnect easy within a building and protect it from unauthorised access.

Why is the LED 2 of my SmartConnect easy not lit?

LED 2 indicates the connection to the network. If you have not yet connected your SmartConnect easy to the smartphone or Wi-Fi router of your home network at the start of setup, LED 2 does not light up. As soon as your SmartConnect easy is connected to the network, LED 2 flashes green (= connection) or lights up orange (= connection successful).