Using the logfile, you can see all the applications that have been made with the SmartConnect using the date and time.

You can search the logfile for specific entries. Tap in the Search field and enter the desired search term. For example, if you enter a username, all operations that originated from that user will appear. You can also search for a specific date, e.g. 29.06.2021, or a month, e.g. 02.2021. After entering the search term, tap Done. All results found for this search term appear.

If you have installed a SmartConnect door, you can also view the events of the applications assigned in door mode directly in the door area (see chapter Door (Video).

By default, logfile entries are only visible to administrators, but can be released for users without administrator rights (see chapter user administration).

Events to which a photo has been assigned (SmartConnect door only) are marked with a small camera icon. By tapping the event, you can view details or the associated images.