LED signals

You will find two LEDs on your SmartConnect door, which signal a specific device status depending on the colour and flashing status:


StateLED 1
Network display inactiveoff
Local network is set upflashes blue
Device connected to local networklights up blue
Establish a connection to the existing Wi-Fi networkflashes green
Existing Wi-Fi is connectedlights up green
Establish a cable network connectionflashes purple
Secured cable network connection is establishedlights up purple
There is a connection to the Internet (tunnel active)lights up orange
Network errorflashes red quickly

Bluetooth, NFC, Fingerprint

StateLED 1
No access control method activeoff
Activity registered (for debugging purposes)lights up blue
Access granted, additional triggers may be requiredlights up green
Access temporarily deniedlights up yellow
Access deniedlights up red

Operating status

StateLED 2
Inactive (no power, standby)off
Not ready for operationflashes blue evenly
Ready for operationlights up blue

Bell status

StateLED 2
Bell push button deactivatedoff
Bell push button readylights up blue
Bell pressedflashes blue evenly