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Safety instructions for the SmartConnect

For the correct use of the SmartConnect, please read the operating instructions carefully before using the product. Follow the instructions given and follow the described instructions. Failure to comply with the information and instructions, no warranty for the proper functioning of the product can be given. Do not disconnect the SmartConnect from the mains during configuration or updating. The resulting data loss can lead to the failure of the device and requires the submission to the service partner. The SmartConnect is intended for private indoor use only and must be protected against moisture and tampering. Any other use than that described in this manual is not intended and will result in exclusion of warranty and liability. This also applies to conversions and changes to the device. Do not open this device under any circumstances! It contains no user-serviceable parts. If an error occurs, send the SmartConnect to the responsible service unit.

Safety instructions for the smartphone

Be sure to keep the virus scanner and firewall of your smartphone up to date. Only in this way can you be protected against attacks from the Internet. Regularly check if your software is up-to-date and install the available updates. For your safety, use good passwords and change them at certain intervals. Recommendations for secure passwords can be found, for example, at the Federal Office for Information Security in the area of Recommendations:

Notes on radio operation

The radio transmission takes place on a non-exclusive transmission path. This can lead to interference from other radio applications. Switching operations, electric motors or defective electrical appliances can also cause interference. The transmission power and reception characteristics of the SmartConnect depend heavily on constructional and ecological conditions. Thus, the range in the open field differs from that in buildings. Also, the signal is transmitted differently at high humidity than at lower humidity.

SmartConnect complies with the requirements and regulations of Directive 1999/5/EC. The Declaration of Conformity can be found at

Please make sure that in the case of a data interruption, for example due to a power failure, relevant applications such as door locks can be operated differently (e.g. mechanically with a cylinder key).