SmartConnect door

Operation manual

Thank you for choosing SmartConnect door. With the SmartConnect door you can operate your FUHR motor lock and many other devices via your smartphone. In conjunction with the SmartConnect app, your home will easily become a smart home.

SmartConnect door controls and communicates via LAN or Wi-Fi. With the intuitive SmartConnect app, you can operate the FUHR multi-point lock and query the state of your door. In addition, lighting, garage door, roller shutters and much more, can be operated anywhere via the app. As an administrator, you authorise and block users, doors and terminal devices, and keep track of all applications in the Logfile, also optionally on the Internet, at any time and in any location. With SmartConnect door you always have your property in view.

Installing the SmartConnect door is quick and easy and can be retrofitted at no extra cost. In this operation manual, all topics are explained step by step. In an overview, you will find compatible products that you can use for a wide variety of applications. Further application examples can be found on

For your safety, all data is stored securely on your SmartConnect door – not on the Internet!